Ollie Female

Age: 10 weeks
Price: $560
Vaccination Up to Date
Potty Trained, Registration Papers
Veterinarian examination
Health certificate, Health guarantee
Pedigree, Travel crate

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Introducing Ollie: The Irresistible Female Basenji Companion

Say hello to Ollie, a delightful female Basenji who steals hearts with her charm, intelligence, and boundless zest for life. Ollie is not just a dog; she’s a beloved member of our Basenji family, and her infectious personality lights up every room she enters.

Ollie boasts a striking tri-color coat that showcases shades of rich chestnut, gleaming black, and pristine white. Her markings are as unique as her personality, adding to her undeniable allure and making her a true standout in any crowd.

But it’s not just Ollie’s stunning appearance that sets her apart – it’s her irresistible personality that truly steals the show. Ollie is a social butterfly who thrives on human interaction and loves nothing more than being the center of attention. Whether she’s charming strangers on a walk or snuggling up with her favorite humans at home, Ollie’s warm and affectionate nature shines through in everything she does.

Despite her playful demeanor, Ollie is also incredibly intelligent and perceptive. She’s a quick learner who excels in obedience training and eagerly tackles new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. Whether it’s mastering a new trick or solving a puzzle toy, Ollie approaches every task with a wagging tail and a determined spirit.

Ollie comes from a long line of health-tested and genetically sound Basenjis, ensuring she is in optimal health and ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures with her new family. With her winning personality, unwavering loyalty, and endless capacity for love, Ollie is sure to bring joy, laughter, and countless unforgettable moments to her forever home.

If you’re searching for a Basenji companion who embodies beauty, intelligence, and irresistible charm, look no further than Ollie. Contact us today to inquire about making this extraordinary Basenji girl a cherished member of your family and experience the joy of life with Ollie by your side.