Zolia Female

Age: 10 weeks
Price: $560
Vaccination Up to Date
Potty Trained, Registration Papers
Veterinarian examination
Health certificate, Health guarantee
Pedigree, Travel crate

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Introducing Zolia: The Quintessential Basenji Beauty

Meet Zolia, a stunning female Basenji who embodies everything we love about this remarkable breed. With her elegant stature, captivating expression, and spirited personality, Zolia is the epitome of Basenji charm and grace.

Zolia’s coat is a rich mahogany red, accented by striking white markings that add to her allure. Her almond-shaped eyes, framed by delicate eyeliner, radiate intelligence and curiosity, reflecting her keen mind and inquisitive nature.

Beyond her physical beauty, Zolia possesses a warm and affectionate temperament that endears her to everyone she meets. She thrives on human companionship and delights in forming deep bonds with her family members, showering them with love and devotion.

Zolia is a playful and energetic companion who loves to explore the world around her. Whether she’s romping in the backyard, going for long walks, or curling up on the couch for cuddle time, she approaches each moment with enthusiasm and joy.

In addition to her outgoing nature, Zolia is also incredibly intelligent and quick to learn. She excels in obedience training and enjoys engaging in interactive games and activities that challenge her mind and stimulate her natural instincts.

Zolia comes from a lineage of health-tested and genetically sound Basenjis, ensuring she is in optimal health and ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures with her new family. With her boundless energy, unwavering loyalty, and irresistible charm, Zolia is sure to bring endless love and laughter to her forever home.

If you’re searching for a Basenji companion who exudes beauty, intelligence, and affection in equal measure, look no further than Zolia. Contact us today to inquire about bringing this extraordinary Basenji girl into your life and making her a cherished member of your family.